How To Setup And Start Email List For Free: Part 2

Please Note: This is Part 2 in the Series. If you landed here directly, you might want to check out Part 1 before moving forward.

In this part we are going to look at following steps:

  1. Understand Why MailChimp.
  2. Register For MailChimp Account.
  3. Verify and Authenticate your account.
  4. Setup and Start a new List.
  5. Upload your Free Downloadable File to MailChimp.

1. Why MailChimp?

The reason is simple enough. MailChimp offers you a FREE Tier with following Features:

  1. Up to 2000 Subscribers.
  2. 12000 Emails per month. This means even if you have 2000 subscribers, you can send a weekly email to all of them without spending a coin. ( Well except 5 week months)
  3. Free Automation. Lets you create that automated sequence of emails to your subscribers. ( under your limit of 12000 emails of Course)
  4. Free Sign Up Forms. We won’t be using them though.

And that’s all we need to know for our work. So Let’s Start

2. Register For MailChimp Account.

MailChimp Signup Page

Go to WWW.MailChimp.Com and click on the “Sign Up Free” button on top right-hand corner.

MailChimp Signup

Enter the information as required.

I would advise using an email id which is related to your domain. i.e. This is not a requirement. If you don’t have it, then any other email id will do. Enter a Username and a Password and click on the “Get Started!” button.

Mailchimp Account Confirmation

The submission of form will result in an email from MailChimp on the email address you have just provided. Click on the “Activate Account” button.

Mailchimp Signup 4

Now you are back on the MailChimp website. Fill Up the information as required. Enter the blog url where you are going to use your list. Click on “Continue.”

Mailchimp signup 5

There. You are done with the registrations. So now next is verifying that it is indeed your website you are setting up this account for. So now you have to Verify and Authenticate your domain.

3. Verify And Authenticate Your Domain

Verification Of Domain

By default, you would be required to have a verified email address to be used in “Reply To” field of the emails that you send. If you are planning to use your Gmail or other email id’s, the chances to land in the Spam folder increases.

The Best practice is to verify your domain using an email id with your domain. For, eg., Keep this as a minimum setup requirement for smooth working.

Once you verify your domain, the emails received by your list would look something like this:

From: via” 

compared to “From: via” in an unverified condition.

The last part is the MailChimp domain used to send emails. Guess which one looks comparatively more professional?

Domain Verification Step 1
  1. From anywhere in your account, Click on your account name in the top right-hand corner.
  2. From the drop down menu, select “Account”.
Domain Verification Step 2
  1. On the page, click on “Settings”.
  2. From the drop down menu, select “Verified domains”.
Domain Verification Step 3

Click on “Verify A Domain” button.

Domain Verification Step 4

Enter email address for the domain you want to verify and click on “Send Verification Email”.

Since I am using my alternate domain, so I am using “”.

Domain Verification Step 5

Now you have two options to complete this.

  1. Click on the link that is provided in the email from MailChimp in your domain email inbox.
  2. Copy the verification code in the email and paste it on this screen.
Domain Verification Step 6

Once the verification is completed, your screen will look like this.

This means that now people on your list will receive the emails from your MailChimp Account as

From: via” 

or in this case

From: via” 

Authentication Of Domain

If you look at the “From:” part of the emails sent from your MailChimp account, it will look something like this:

“From: via”

Not cool eh? What we want is that our email says exactly who is sending it. i.e. “”.  So this where you would want to Authenticate your domain. 

Domain Verification Step 6

Click on the “View Setup Instructions” next to the Authentication check

Domain Authentication 1

This is a highly complex step which requires access to Your Hosting Panel (Cpanel most commonly). In any case, I would suggest to call your Web Hosting Company’s Customer Care and ask them to either guide you or setup the same. You will require the information on this page to get it setup and authenticated.

4. Setup And Start A New List

Before you can start collecting email id’s, you need to start and setup a list in MailChimp. This is similar to prepping up a spreadsheet with columns and rows before you can start entering the data in it.

Start and Setup email list 1
  1. From anywhere in your MailChimp account, click on the “Lists” tab.
  2. On the Lists page, click on “Create List” button located on the right-hand side of the page.
Start and Setup email list 2

Fill up the complete form that opens up.

  1. The “Default from email address” will be the one we verified in the earlier step.
  2. “Campaign URL settings” is a premium feature and not much use to us at the moment. It’s a great feature though in case you do decide to go Premium in the future.
Start and Setup email list 3

This is probably the most important part of the form.

Please make sure that you enter real details regarding the address. It can be your office Address or Home Address. If you are unwilling to provide these, then the next best option is to rent a Post Box and provide that address here.

You wouldn’t want to have a penalty and a Spam Case against you in the very beginning of your blogging business. You can read more about it in Part 1 of this tutorial.

Start and Setup email list 4

The Notifications setting is your preference. After you are done, click on “SAVE” button.

Start and Setup email list 5

Congratulations!!! You now have your email list setup and ready to start receiving the sign ups.

5. Upload your Free Downloadable File to MailChimp

Upload File 1

From anywhere in your MailChimp account, click on “Templates” on the top menu bar.

Upload File 2

Click on “Content Manager”.

Upload File 3

Click on “Upload”. This will open up a file navigation. Select your file and click save.

Upload File 4

Once the file is uploaded, click on “Copy URL” and save it in a text file. We will need this URL for our welcome email.

Upload File 5

You can also get the URL by selecting the file. Now click on “View Details” and then copy URL from the menu.

That’s it. Your free downloadable file is now ready to be attached to your Welcome Email to your Subscribers.

Whew!! That was a lot of work. ( Really??)

So what’s next? Next, we are going to look at following parts

  1. Setting up MailMunch account.
  2. Setting up our sign up sequence Forms and Emails.
  3. Testing our complete Sign-Up or Opt-In Sequence.

And then we will call it a day. ( or maybe like 3 weeks)

Till next time.

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