22 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Blog

During my daily adventures, I meet people from all walks of life. And I can’t help evaluate them from the perspective of an article. Almost all of them have a story that would be awesome to share with the world. I tried and tried to convince them and got tired. So instead decided to write this post for ready reference. Now whenever you have to convince anyone about why should they start a blog, send them here. Why don’t you share this post now and let them be convinced?

I love blogging. I have been blogging on and off for many years before I decided to make it my work. It has helped me in so many ways that I just can’t recommend blogging enough.

It helped me

Overcome my shyness,

  1. Cope with confused years of engineering.
  2. Learn new programming languages. ( Yes multiple)
  3. At one time, I tried learning and blogging in Spanish.
  4. As a home to all my poems and stories.
  5. And now to share my research and make it my profession.

I can’t say I was successful or progressing every-time on my goal but I was still progressing. Those were just my reasons for blogging. But people do have more reasons of blogging. Want to learn you reason to start a blog? Here are

22 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog

  1. It’s Really Easy


Really. All you have to do is start. It takes less than 30 minutes to start a blog and write your first post. Although there are many guides available, I will do beginners guide to start a blog sometime in future.

 2. You Can Earn Money


It may not be as easy as what many perceive. But it is very much possible. How much you make depends on how much time and effective effort you put into it.

 3. You Can Meet New People and Make Friends


Blogging is not something limited to your immediate environment. It is out there in the world. And you will meet probably hundreds and thousands of people who share your interests. Developing friendship is a job you will have to complete.

 4. You Can Expand The Market For Your Offline Business


Unless you are a business bound to a small area of delivery, leaving any chance to widen the area of sale is a crime. People will be interested in your business only if they know about it. And a blog is on of the best ways to do so. Free marketing anyone?

 5. You Can Increase Sales For Your Online Business


So you have digital products. Unique artworks which people cannot buy anywhere else. But how to make people understand the uniqueness? Well my friend, try blogging. Write about your art. Tell the world why they need to buy your digital product. Make them your fans.

 6. It Can Work As A Stress Buster


I love this one. For many years I blogged about everything that was wrong with the world around me. It was like my little corner to go and relax. I was anonymous and could write about everything and anything with offending anyone. The peace blogging gave me was wondrous.

 7. It Can Help You Solve Personal Problems


A huge percentage of our problems are problems because we are not able to understand them. Writing about your problems helps you clarify thought process and analyze the problem. Quite a few lifestyle and personal blogs you see around started with this motive.

 8. You Can Help Others Solve Their Problems


So you solved your problem. What next? Help others facing the same problem. Child abuse, domestic violence, cancer, other rare diseases faced by people around the world and what not. They don’t have to fight it alone. They need you and your strength. It’s my sincere hope that you didn’t go through any of the problems. But if you have, then don’t wait to help out others.

 9. It Can Be A Home For Your Brand


Where should people go if they want to talk To your brand. Of course on your brand’s blog. Write as yourself or as your brand ( or the mascot). This is the most efficient way of one-way, two-way and mass communication with your fans. It’s your brand’s home owned by you.

 10. It Can Help You Create Your Standing In The World


7.5 Billions of people and counting. You are a tiny spec and your circle of influence limited. If you are ready to hustle, then leave a mark on the world. And how do you start? By showcasing your talents. And blogging is one of the best methods to showcase and market your skills. The more you write relevantly, the more people will start looking up-to you as an expert on the topic.

 11. It Can Help You Practice What You Are Learning


The best method to learn something is to practice it by repeating it for others. Or simply teaching others what you have learned. Need I say more?

 12. It Helps Increase Your Writing Skills


Blogging involves writing. And lots of it. If you want to improve your writing skills, then a blog is one of the best methods. Look around, you will find groups of the same interest. Groups where you can give and take feedback on your writing.

13. It Can Help You Discipline Yourself


Casual blogging or professional blogging, whatever you choose. Of you want to increase your readership, then it requires consistency and effort. To have those, you need to have discipline. Check out how you can cultivate discipline in your work.

 14. It Can Help You Build Your Portfolio


Model, Photographer, Singer, Songwriter or any other talented person that you are. Use your blog to showcase your best work. Make it a place where you can send people to have a look at your portfolio.

 15. Create Online CV And Add To Your CV


Don’t think you have developed your talent enough to come in front of people? No worries. Make it a blog about your professional skills. Have a page display your updated CV. Blog about your core knowledge. Let the recruiters know of the superpower that you can use working for them.

 16. It Opens Up And Improves Your Creative Skills


How do you develop an ability. By practicing and refining on the small nicks and errors in your work. And how do you know you have these? Get feedback from hundreds of people from the same creative field. Feedback is the best teacher you can get for free.

 17. It Open Ups New Opportunities For You


You might be working as a taxi driver, but are passionate about mimicry. ( I know of one such particular person). Let the right people reach your talents. Who knows, you might be the next superstar.

 18. It Gives You Platform To Express Your Views And Opinions


Love to talk politics? A movie aficionado? Or Interested in discussing the climate change. Give your opinions a platform to be heard. It’s your blog. Invite people to discuss your favorite topic.

 19. You Can Contribute To Social Causes


Want to do social work but stuck in life. Well, why not promote it online. Let people know of the necessities of the cause. Gather people’s support. You can even run digital campaigns through your blog in support of your charity.

 20. You Can Blog As A Personal Journal


The best, easiest and most fun filled use of a blog. Just open it up and type away your hearts’ words. Nobody you know is going to judge you if they see and read your Blog/Journal. Cause why give it a name. I blogged for 1.5 years regularly as a personal journal. Poured out everything. From crushes to grudges to curses and did it freely. After all who fears getting it read by somebody and blamed.

 21. You Blog To Record And Share Your Experiences


The World is a huge, huge place. Not everyone is lucky enough to experience everything. That holiday in Spain. The Skydive in New Zealand. Or street food from India. Record your experiences. Let your family and friends know what you are doing around the world. Show them with pics. And love every moment of the heat from their jealous admiration.

 22. You Can Start For Free!!!


Want to start for free? Check. Go straight to “www.wordpress.com” and start you blog within a few minutes for free. Do share your blog with me.

Want to make it better and be the owner of your blog?

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So what are you waiting for now?

Go, Start your own blog. Start for free or dive straight into creating your customized blog. ( Please do purchase through that affiliate link in case you decide to go for self-hosted blog)

Oh and in case you already have a blog, then do share the link below. I would love to check out your home.

Send somebody over who still needs convincing to start a blog. Would love to change their mind.


Till next time,


  1. I started blogging simple to express myself and like for you it helped me overcome my shyness. I blog about literature – I’m studying English at university so your point 11- helping you practise what you’re learning was a major factor for me! I wanted to gain confidence in expressing my views about a book or a play in order to progress further at my studies! I hadn’t thought of some of these points but they’re all so interesting- I have friends who have started blogging for different reasons and I think your post covers most of them! 🙂

  2. All of these are actually correct. Also I want to add that while reading blogs, you get to learn a lot of new things. It’s like reading an online book. Pretty interesting and you also get to become a better writer.

  3. My mom says she wants to be a blogger. But dont know where to start. Maybe I can share this post for her to read.

  4. I like the reasons you listed here. I feel as though, if you have a blog, you can relate to some of these points as a potential reason for you starting your journey!

  5. Blogging started similarly for me, my personal blog was my space to put out my thoughts and poetry. Blogging has definitely added so much more to my life too! Good post.

  6. I already do have blue host. And they have done pretty well by me. I have appreciated their service and immediate response to things. And yes blogging does help with many of those things in life.

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