5 (+15) Websites To Help You Boost Your Productivity

Thoughtosaur leaning on laptop with a magnifying glass searching for productivity resources

Have you ever wished that you had juuuuust a little bit more time in the day.

And that you are bored hearing that successful-people-have-the-same-hours-in-day that you have but still achieve wayyy more.

So what do you do next?

You turn on the internet and type in “How to Improve Productivity ?“. And Google fills up pages and pages of websites on this topic.

Oh no!! Now you will have to skim so many websites only to lose interest in confusion and start a YouTube video on cats. (come on, who doesn’t love to watch cat videos? )

Have no Fear, ThoughtOSaur is Here, to the rescue….

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How To Do A ONE WORD REVIEW Of Your Year 2016.

What’s up, Good People. The year 2016 is gone and is never coming back. January of 2017 is finished too and so are most of the resolutions you made for the “New Year New Me” Project. But it doesn’t mean that you can let them go yet. While reading articles on productivity “Last Year,” I came across this concept of “One Word Review” many times. All the articles made sense to invest a few days to ensure a whole year of conscious effort towards success. Let’s work on it Step by Step.

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4 Motivational Websites: When You Have Dire Need

Don’t feel well? Don’t feel like doing anything? Feel like you want to leave everything and run away? Feel like you are fed up of life?

A worker, a stay at home mum, a teacher, an employee, a student, an unemployed: take any story. You will find yourself nodding your head in acceptance to some or maybe all these questions. You are in dire need of a dosage from Motivational Websites.

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5 Uncommon Android Apps You Need To Have In Your Arsenal

Read about android apps you may have never heard before. But will fall in love with. Read review on Diigo, Clear Focus, Link Bubble,MindMeister and Vysor

When I started looking for productivity tools and techniques, I was using an Android phone. Needless to say, the android app store is flooded with apps and tools. In my article “5 Uncommon IOS Apps You Need To have In Your Arsenal” last week, I discussed about IOS apps. This is the tool box for Android Users. These are “5 Uncommon Android Apps You Need To Have In Your Arsenal of Productivity Tools”

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5 Uncommon IOS Apps You Need To Have In Your Arsenal

5 Uncommon IOS Apps You Need To Have In Your Arsenal

As a self-proclaimed tech geek, I need to fulfill my desires of tinkering with ios app store on a regular basis. I will go to to the app store and scout for an app I have never used before and maybe would never have if not for this habit. A blessing in disguise, I came across a lot of gems and once started using, got hooked. Now I have these 5 uncommon IOS (Iphone/Ipad) apps in my arsenal of productivity.

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How To Introduce Discipline In Your Everyday Hustle

Learn 5 techniques to be a disciplined hustler. Increase your output efficiency by using these small BUT powerful changes.
From our childhood we all have been fed with one belief: If you did not learn to discipline yourself, you will not become something worthwhile. Every Now and then we would be reminded by all elder members of the family. And boy did we hate the talk. Being disciplined meant no more of after dark playing with friends, no more of late night comic books, no more of just one more cartoon and a lot more of sitting down with homework and extra books. As kids, studies and discipline were synonymous terms for us.

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