5 Essential Podcasts Every Blogger Should Be Listening To

Love to listen to Podcasts? Check out these 5 gems you need to have in your playlist.
If you are into blogging business and don’t know what a Podcast is, you either have been living under a rock or are not at all serious about blogging. I belonged to the under-the-rock-dweller category till about eight months back. I started listening to a show called “Freakonomics” ( a complicated but great show by the way) during my commute to work and got hooked to Podcasts. Enter a quest for gaining more knowledge on blogging and I found these gems. This list is my recommendation for tips, tricks, tweaks and what-not of blogging. In short “If you blog you’ve got to hear these Podcasts and I-won’t-take-no-for-answer.” Enjoy!!

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