How To Get Free Opt-In Forms: MailMunch Review

One of the most important aspects of blogging is collecting emails from readers. Especially if you are planning to make money from your blog. This is one of the first bits of advice you get when you are setting up your blog or website.

Collecting emails is a 3 step process: Offering an incentive, a Call to Action using a subscription form and an Email collecting service. There are costs of time and money involved in each step.

This post’s purpose is to review a product: MailMunch. is a freemium service which can ease the monetary cost involved in step 2. Though this is not the only one. You can take a look at an alternative here. For now let’s take a detailed view and discuss Pros and cons of this service.

Collecting email address from your readers, should they choose to, involves three items:

  1.  Providing an incentive to sign up for your readers. You have to create this for readers to be interested in entrusting you with their email address.
  2. Presenting this incentive in an efficient format. Also known as “Call To Action” Form/box or Opt-In Form/Box or Subscription Form. Eg. Leadpages, OptinMonster etc.
  3. A service that can help you collect and store emails from that setup. This service will also allow you to send automated emails or newsletter to the received addresses Eg. Mailchimp, Convertkit, etc.

Both step 2 and step 3 has cost involved in it. Or as most of the suggestions say online. As a new blogger, I was not willing to put in money into these systems just yet. My search led to a few solutions for both Step 2 and Step 3. is a service that will allow you to make free Subscription/Opt-in forms or Lead Boxes . These forms are used for collecting emails from your Call To Actions.

Mailmunch Logo

Pros Of MailMunch

Mailmunch Forms 1
Mailmunch Forms 2
  1. Creating Landing Page for free is a huge deal. It allows you to create one using a drag and drop feature of on page elements.
  2. You get two free designs for each type of form. But you can customize the colors of background, font and the button including text on the button.
  3. You can have multiple AutoResponders. These are the emails people will get when they submit their details. You can select which autoresponder to send after a user subscribes.
  4. It offers free exit intent pop box for readers who try to close your web page.
  5. All forms are mobile optimized.
  6. You can set the display rules in the form creation itself. This will allow you to skip showing a form on particular pages.
  7. You can delay the pop-up forms appearance for a few seconds after the visitor comes on your website.
  8. It can integrate with lots of email services like MailChimp, Aweber, etc.

These are primary the features of Free version. The paid version opens up a lot more features like Analytics, A/B testing, many more designs of the opt-in form, etc.

Cons Of MailMunch

  1. The forms appear on your website through a plug-in which invokes external CSS and script file. Though not much but these eventually add on to website load times.
  2. Creating or Editing a form will take you to the service website and can be done there only.
  3. Every form will have the MailMunch logo displayed in the free version.
  4. The free version will not allow you to include your custom domain email address in the “From” part of the autoresponder email.
  5. You can connect to only one site in the free version.

There are a lot of advance features which you can open up by purchasing the paid version. But for a blogger on a budget, the free version is more than enough. You can check out the practical use on my website itself.

If you are just starting out, this financial burden can be lifted off by a small amount by using MailMunch services.

If you found this post useful, or if you know anyone who is just starting out then hit the share button on the bottom of the page. This post can be of great help to them in freeing up a bit of money to invest somewhere else.

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  1. very helpful post as i am thinking about collecting emails!

  2. Haven’t thought much about collecting emails, but will have to try mailmunch out! Thanks for the review!

  3. I use blogspot for blogging and Google has their own version of this which is also free to use. This sounds a lot like the Google version of subscribing.
    For those who don’t have a way for subscribers to subscribe, this was very informative and useful. It is definitely important to have a way for readers to subscribe and get updates on your blog.

  4. I’ve never tried collecting email addresses so maybe it’s something that I’ll try as it looks pretty simple x

  5. Thank so much for sharing about a mail program. I am currently using a different one, but I will check it out for sure.

  6. I have saved this post for later because I still do not have the option for people to subscribe to my email list. I honestly do not see the importance of this because I am always ignoring the emails that i receive.

  7. First time I heard of Mail Munch. I haven’t ventured that far yet, into the realm of capturing email address of my readers. I might look at that option maybe sometime soon.

  8. I haven’t heard of Mail Munch before, but it looks like a nice option for those who are just getting started and don’t want to invest much in the way of time or money. I like that there are a number of different ways the opt-in can be displayed on the site

  9. Thanks for sharing, I hadn’t heard of this company before reading this. I get readers to subscribe to my blog but don’t use their emails other than sending regular blog posts.

  10. This is my first time hearing of mail munch but I am pleased with the services that it offers. I like that you can create a landing page for free !

  11. Fantastic step by step instructions. Especially enjoyed reading the Pros and Cons of MailMunch. Great advise.

  12. Thanks for sharing information about Mail Munch. I’ve never heard of their service before so I’ll definitely be checking it out. Are you able to host more than one landing page when you use their service?

    Erica | Black Bloggers Network
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