How To Get Free Opt-In Forms: Rapidology Review

To make your blog look more professional and user-friendly, a lot of small services can be used. Blog Plugins are by no means cheap. And for a new blogger, shelling out money seems a little confusing in the beginning. One such service you need is subscription box or an Opt-in box. It can help entice and interest your reader in sharing their email address with you.

I found two free options in the market that are awesome for being free and highly customizable.

  1. MailMunch
  2. Rapidology

You can check out the MailMunch review here. Also, all the opt-in boxes used on this website (pop up, top bar, side widget) are by MailMunch.

Why Use Rapidology?

Collecting email addresses is a process divided into three parts.

  1. Providing an incentive to sign up for your readers. You have to create this for readers to be interested in entrusting you with their email address.
  2. Presenting this incentive in an efficient format. Also known as “Call To Action” Form/box or Opt-In Form/Box or Subscription Form. Eg. Leadpages, OptinMonster etc.
  3. A service that can help you collect and store emails from that setup. This service will also allow you to send automated emails or newsletter to the list. Eg. Mailchimp, Convertkit, etc.

Rapidology fits in part 2. It is a plugin that helps you make beautiful opt-in or subscription box on your blog.

Pros Of Rapidology

  1. It offers seven different opt-in form types.
    1. Pop-up
    2. Fly-in
    3. Below Post
    4. Inline
    5. Locked Content
    6. Widget
    7. Bar

Rapidology Forms
  1. All forms are mobile responsive.
  2. It offers many options for form designs, colors, styles, borders, fonts and countless combinations.
  3. Each element of the form can be controlled. For, e.g., You can animate the image in the form itself.
  4. A preview button on the customization page lets you look at your form instantly.
  5. It allows you to use custom CSS if you are keen to take out time and build your form.
  6. The form triggers and display settings can be customized to a great extent. For example. You can select the pages to show your form, pages not to display. The delay in showing the form after your reader arrives on the page or leaves the page or comments etc.
  7. The display setting can be set on categories, particular pages or even specific posts.
  8. The A/B testing is the easiest to do on this plugin. You do not need to create everything again. You can simply duplicate the settings and then make changes for testing.
  9. The plugin provides simple yet effective Analytics report in the Statistics Page. This helps a lot when you are testing different types of forms or performing an A/B test.
  10. It integrates with many email service provider. Like MailChimp.
  11. Most important of all. It is Free.

Cons Of Rapidology

  1. The plugin requires you to head over to their website, submit your email to LeadPages to generate a code. This code is required to activate the plugin for free. Across the Internet, you will come across people who will advise you against that. Your call on this one. I did give them my spare email id.
  2. The plugin has not been updated over a long time. Abandoned? Probably. The last update was May 2016 and then no news after that.
  3. The plugin is buggy. Not too much though. The only problem I have seen is with the analytics part. Sometimes the data is not reflective of the actual stats. Shouldn’t be a deal breaker for the beginner.
  4. It is specifically for WordPress and does not support other types of websites.

So there you have it. If you are just starting out, it becomes a pain to shell out money for every small thing required to make your blog better. Saving a little here can help you a lot. And of course you can upgrade to a better plugin and a better service once you are ready.

Now you have two FREE choices to set up you opt in form. Mailmunch OR Rapidology: Which one will you choose?

Let me know in the comments below OR you can choose to send me a tweet about it @thoughtosaur

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  1. Oh I’ve been looking for something like this for ages now! I have never heard of rapidology but will definitely be looking into it more!

  2. I’ve been looking for an opt-in solution for a while now and am so glad I ran across your post. I like this one because it’s designed for mobile and has lots of different customizations to choose from. Hopefully they’ll get all of the bugs worked out soon.

  3. I definitely need to work on my opt-in game and this will get me started. Am bookmarking this for things to think about.

  4. I haven’tried either of those. I’m no feedburner and it seems to do what I need it to do which is email my readers my latest posts. I don’t use it for anything else.

  5. I like the features of rapidology. I haven’t tried them before but would be happy to explore them. Thanks for letting us know.

  6. I am still very new to blogging and dont have a capture page set up yet. I appreciate your review of these two plug ins. I will check them out when I am ready.

  7. Shame that it is a buggy because I like that it is free and has seven different server options. Having the ability to choose is key with any plugin x

  8. Great post! I’ve been using my email provider (Mailerlite) for sign-up forms and pop-ups and while I love them, I am always looking to test new options and see what works best.

    What type of sign-up form has the highest conversation rate for you?

    Ana – Blogger at

    • Hi Ana,
      Thanks for your comment. I have been thinking of switching over from MailChimp to Mailerlite. But I am sticking around to understand one tool before moving on to another so that I can have a unbiased view of it for my readers.
      I would say the pop-up on my page has had the highest success rate. Almost 76% when compared to other types.

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