My First Challenge: The 12 Week Year Experiment

I have three things for you today: A rant/story on the personal development process that will serve you well, a message for your benefit and a quick request.

Warning: there is a lot of “I” in this post. It’s my occasional rant/win/loss post for you to connect to our similarities. Read with a risk of finding familiar traits and laughing/sighing loud in public.

The Rant/Story


In my last post, I delved a bit on why you need to change at all. I also tried listing the benefits of challenging yourself to change if you are at all interested in growing yourself. 

Let’s go back a bit in the background of this series. After all, understanding the “Why?” behind every step of self-development is a significant step for success. 

My “Wake Up” call came again in the form of yearly appraisal. Still, I was very hopeful as all targets were ticked off and positive vibes were coming from my immediate boss. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the same last year’s story repeated. So here I was again cribbing and crying again.

Right around this time, I came across the “90DayYear” video by Todd Herman.  I became interested in the concept of challenging yourself to setup and complete your goals during a fixed short duration of 3 months/90days/12 weeks.  Ultimately, the “sign up” opened, and to my sad shock, the price was over of the roof for me: equivalent to my 2.5 months’ salary IF I don’t move from my place and don’t eat or drink anything. Yea sounds dramatic but not so much when you are from a country where basic currency unit is 1/70 times the USD. 

Unable to be a part of the course at the moment, the next best step was to diy something similar for myself. I started searching and reading more about the concept of the three months, limited goals and related stuff. It led me to, what I believe to be the base of the course: “Getting Things Done” By Brian P Moran.

Going through the book gave me a good idea of to do’s and dont’s for setting myself up. Such kind of DIY cannot get even close to what Todd Herman has to offer through his course. His course is backed by scientific research by his team and the thousands of real-life success cases over the years in the field of sports and business. But something is better than nothing. Even if I may not get the exact results.

“Even if you take one single step towards your goal, you will always be better than yesterday.”

 And so started my quest to start a challenge for myself. To challenge me out of the comfort zone and for good. And I had to name it to look cool (and other various reasons), so the term came into existence. 90 Days Hustle 

Easier said than done. When you undertake any project, especially a personal project, it has to have five necessary variables:

  1. A beginning
  2. A documented plan 
  3. An end 
  4. A target ( 3 in our case ) 
  5. A tracking/reviewing method 

Only a well-documented project can be analyzed, improved upon and repeated if necessary with the highest success rate. If you don’t have a documented process and a well-documented progress report, you will be shooting in the dark while trying to analyze and improve.

This is the purpose of the article series on the 90 Days Hustle Challenge, and it’s the first iteration using “The 12 Week Year” as described in the book by Brian P. Moran 

Next few posts, 6 to be precise, will contain my notes on the GTD system experiment. I would share the results and data on what went right and what went wrong. The aim is to make the challenges faced during implementation clear to you so that you can overcome those challenges easily.

The Message 


Starting with last week’s post, this blog is switching gears again. This time to dive deeper into the core field of Productivity.  I felt that giving you anything less than what will be of immense benefit to your personal development is a wastage of time for both you and me.

Every post/article is to enable you to take one more step towards your betterment, towards your success. 

Wait a minute. Isn’t that same as what all other productivity websites has to offer?

Here’s the difference. The articles will cover two most important aspect of every Productivity technique:

  1. Understanding the Productivity System process by delving into theories and experiments.
  2. Breaking it down to small implementable steps that can be implemented individually to see immediate but lasting improvements.

These are my goals as of now in order to help you get that win. If you think I can help in any other way, then please do let me know and I would be glad to be of help.


The Request



Every great work requires a lot of hard work, a lot of patience AND a lot of feedback based changes.

Every one of your feedback, comments, and emails have encouraged me to reach this stage where I am ready to give back. But this is not enough. I want to give back more and here’s how you can help

1. Comment: You read the articles. You find it useful, inspiring, well written OR everything opposite to your expectation and in a wrong way. Whatever you feel about the articles; leave a comment and let me know. I want this blog to improve, to give back your precious time invested here multiple times in the form of your improvements/wins.

2.  Feedback: Got something you would like to say but don’t want to publicly. Just send a message using the contact form. Or better still email me at

3. Share: Don’t keep good things to yourself. If you feel the article is beneficial and can help more people, then click any of the sharing buttons. Sharing is caring. Hit that share button.

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