New Bloggers Beware: 6 Traps You Need to Avoid

Today marks exactly 120 days for my blogging venture. The journey up till now has been a lot harder than what I had initially thought. I have an extensive list of friends from last seven years who gave up within the first 120 days of starting the blog. The reasons they cite are a dime a dozen and silly. So I got down to investigate a little so that I could avoid those traps in this quest. I am not proud to say that I did fell down the same sinkhole a couple of times. As a blogger with (finally) some experience under my belt, I can only say:

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Adobe Spark vs Canva vs Picmonkey: Which is the Best? (An InfoGraphic)

Infographic Adobe Spark vs Canva vs Picmonkey which is the best

Visual Content Is The Key To Success

As bloggers, we all have come across this line many times. Blogging/ Content Marketing/ Social Media Marketing: whatever the title be, Visual Graphics is one of the top priority in your content strategy. When you decide on an image for you post, you do not just upload the plain vanilla image and be done with it. You try to make it stand out as much as possible with the addition of styles, words, layouts, icons etc.

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How To Introduce Discipline In Your Everyday Hustle

Learn 5 techniques to be a disciplined hustler. Increase your output efficiency by using these small BUT powerful changes.
From our childhood we all have been fed with one belief: If you did not learn to discipline yourself, you will not become something worthwhile. Every Now and then we would be reminded by all elder members of the family. And boy did we hate the talk. Being disciplined meant no more of after dark playing with friends, no more of late night comic books, no more of just one more cartoon and a lot more of sitting down with homework and extra books. As kids, studies and discipline were synonymous terms for us.

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5 Most Important Reports To Follow In Google Analytics

Google Analytics reports
There are a lot of things Google Analytics can tell you with just the basic reports. And you can dig down deeper to find out more hints on where to focus. What reports you need to keep an eye out for? How to use the info you are getting from Google Analytics to improve your online business? If you don’t know answer to these questions, it’s useless to go through all the trouble of registration and installation just to look at the beautiful graphs and data tables.

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5 Essential Podcasts Every Blogger Should Be Listening To

Love to listen to Podcasts? Check out these 5 gems you need to have in your playlist.
If you are into blogging business and don’t know what a Podcast is, you either have been living under a rock or are not at all serious about blogging. I belonged to the under-the-rock-dweller category till about eight months back. I started listening to a show called “Freakonomics” ( a complicated but great show by the way) during my commute to work and got hooked to Podcasts. Enter a quest for gaining more knowledge on blogging and I found these gems. This list is my recommendation for tips, tricks, tweaks and what-not of blogging. In short “If you blog you’ve got to hear these Podcasts and I-won’t-take-no-for-answer.” Enjoy!!

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