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Hi there, my name is Ankit Agarwal.

I am husband to a loving and understanding wife (she is standing right beside me as I type this down) and father of 1 adorable kid.

Professionally Speaking..

By the daytime, I am a Business Developer for a leading Energy Company in India. At all other times, I am a guitarist, a self-proclaimed chef, a programmer, a photographer and a plethora of things I love doing.

Why ThoughtOSaur?

I have been blogging on and off for about 7 years now. I have always loved reading people’s blogs. Their adventures, their journey’s and most of all the knowledge they share. They have always inspired me to have adventures of my own. One thing that always stood out for me was the intention to help others with the tips and tricks these good people discovered in their journey.

ThoughtOsaur is my intention of helping people. I love motivating people with all the tricks and tips I have learned and tested on myself for past 5 years. I am still searching and testing but after a while, it becomes boring to do it alone. A few of my friends were patient enough to hear my thoughts and apply my findings in their lifestyle. I am proud to see the success they have received in their lives. I am not saying it was only because of my techniques. But in their own words: it did help them to learn and use the tricks.


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