5 Uncommon Android Apps You Need To Have In Your Arsenal

When I started looking for productivity tools and techniques, I was using an Android phone. Needless to say, the android app store is flooded with apps and tools. In my article “5 Uncommon IOS Apps You Need To have In Your Arsenal” last week, I discussed about IOS apps. This is the tool box for Android Users. These are “5 Uncommon Android Apps You Need To Have In Your Arsenal of Productivity Tools”

Read about android apps you may have never heard before. But will fall in love with. Read review on Diigo, Clear Focus, Link Bubble,MindMeister and Vysor

Again, I have omitted apps which are now famous for the functionality they can provide like “Evernote” or “Wordpress” as they are now almost everyone’s recommendations.

These apps have been tested on me and some willing friends and recommended here when found useful.



by Diigo

Genre: Productivity

Android App Link: Diigo

Why it is a good app?

Surfing the internet, you come across a website you want to store for later. You have multiple options here. Bookmark it, copy the link to the site or use Diigo. Before I switched over to IOS, this was one of my favorite productivity app for researching the internet. The reason is not just bookmarking and accessing your bookmarks from all sources. The reasons are:

  1. Ability to add notes, take pictures and add bookmarks.
  2. Ability to highlight and annotate on embed website
  3. Ability to organize notes, images, bookmarks, etc. into lists
  4. Ability to bookmark on one device and access bookmarks from any other device through your account.


Diigo is available on IOS, Android and Mac as a dedicated app and as Chrome Add-on for Windows and Mac. It has one free and three different levels of paid membership.

  1. Basic : $7/year
  2. Standard: $40/year
  3. Professional: $59/year

Check out the link above for all prices and plans.

2. ClearFocus: Productivity Timer


by ClearApps.xyz

Genre: Productivity

Android App Link: ClearFocus: Productivity Timer

Why it is a good app?

Pomodoro is one of the greatest productivity techniques out there. I have mentioned a bit about in detail on this method in Point no. 5 in here. What I like about this app is:

  1. Simple, intuitive interface.
  2. Ability to check analytics such as total completed sessions etc.
  3. A cool widget which can be placed on the home screen to look at the timer without opening the app.
  4. Customizable timer and sessions.


 There is only one version available for IOS devices, and it’s Completely FREE. So what’s stopping you now? Oh if you are still wondering whats this is all about, go check out point number 5 in this post.

3. Brave Browser – Link Bubble


by Link Bubble

Genre: Personalization

Android App Link: Brave Browser

Why it is a good app?

How many times it has happened that you are reading an article on your mobile phone. You come across a link, click it and pop come another page for you to read and again and again. By the time you sort out by either reading or closing these links, you get full and just want to close everything.

What if, when you click on a link, it parks itself on the side of the screen and you can check it out once you are done with the current article.

Link bubble does exactly that. When you click on a link, it parks the link destination as a bubble on the sides of your mobile screen. Now you can check the out once you are done with the main article. Oh and these bubbles are movable on the screen. When you are done with the present task, just tap on the bubbles to open up and start reading. And you can swipe to move between different bubble, share them or dismiss them


It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and Ios

4. MindMeister


by MeisterLabs

Genre: Productivity

Android App Link: MindMeister

What is a Mind Map?

MindMeister is an android app for making mind maps. If you don’t know what mind maps are, you should go straight to Google after reading this article (and commenting and sharing it).

For starters here’s what Wikipedia says about Mind Maps

“A mind map is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks, or other items linked to and arranged radially around a central key word or idea. Mind maps are used to generate, visualize, structure, and classify ideas, and as an aid in study, organization, problem-solving, decision making, and writing.”

Why it is a good app?

I had started working on mind-maps on the MindNode tool for Ios. When my wife asked about a similar app for Android, I finalized on this one. Hands down the best app for android users. Here’s why:

1.    Color Coded elements for maps

2.    Themes setting for individual mind maps

3.    Live Collaborative mode as well as team sharing and editing

4.    Multiple Import and export formats


The app is free to download and use. But the usage is limited in the free version. The subscription has three varieties.

1.    Personal  $6 per month

2.    Pro $10 per month; and

3.    Business $ 15 per month

The list of differences between these versions is quite long and can be checked out here.


5. Vysor


by Vysor.io

Genre: Developer Tools

Website Link: Vysor

Why it is a good app?

One of the things I like about iOS – Mac combination is connectivity. When I am at home, I usually have no whereabouts of my iphone. But since it is connected to Mac, I can access my messages, my calls right from my macbook.

Vysor brings these abilities and much more to android. With a chrome extension, you can have mirror mode display of your android device on your screen. Now the free version provides a tethered mirroring mode, and the paid version provides wireless mirroring. You can use your keyboard and mouse on your android device from your desktop. Need I say anything more about this cool app? Check it out


It comes in a free and a paid version. The free version gives you mirroring and screenshot taking ability. But the paid version has major features like untethered connectivity, file transfer

So What Do You Think?

All these android app recommendations come after thorough usage and testing. Similar to this you can look at “5 Uncommon IOS apps You Need to Have In Your Arsenal“. I am sure these apps will help you in one way or another. If you do find them useful, don’t be shy and drop a comment below. I would love to hear about any other uncommon apps you use.
And as always “Let Your Thoughts Roar!!!”


  1. Very informative, I am downloading and recommending the same to friends. Great Ankit

  2. ClearFocus sounds really good! I have to download it and I think it will really be useful to me since I’m a student.

  3. I like ClearFocus and MindMeister. I think they`ll be really helpful when blogging.

  4. I haven’t heard of any of these so thank you for sharing. Of the list, I think I’ll try Vysor and Link Bubble first.

  5. Great list , need to check some of those productivity apps asap. Thanks for sharing

  6. I would have to add to your list Just Reminder. If you are like me and forget very easily because you have a full agenda, you need an app to remind you staff, like payments or bills. Very useful 🙂

  7. Really uncommon as I don’t have any from the list yet. Haha. Would love to try the ClearFocus: Productivity Timer App

  8. I’d love to try Diigo out, but I don’t think I will ever spend money on an app, to be completely honest.

  9. These are all very useful apps and I’m glad I came across this list! Thanks for giving extra details as well.

  10. Hi Ankit, great list. Personally, will check out 3 and 4 to explore more. Thanks for sharing the great stuffs here.

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