5 Important Lessons For Serious Newbie Bloggers

You have just started your blogging journey. Or You are half a year into your blogging venture. Or Have been blogging on and off.

After talking to several such bloggers and my experience, I have found many flavours of this dish. Some bitter ones are frequent burnouts, irritation, self-doubt/pity/loathe. Bitter to the point of almost quitting. Some even quit because of the stress.

What’s the solution? How to cope with these? Or are these going to end the blogging life?

Nope. Not at all. Not if you pay heed to these

5 Important Lessons For Serious Newbie Bloggers

A. Patience is the best medicine for your mental sanity.

Let me break this down to you in simple words.

Professional Blogging is NOT for you IF you can’t have patience. And loads and loads of it.

You must have come across this quote many times and if not then memorise it:

It takes ten years of hard work to become an overnight success.

Although I wouldn’t say it will be that long before you start reaping the fruits of your labor. All you can do is put in hard work, Hustle more to do your best and then work some more. And then the results will flow in your desired currency and denominations. Cha….Chingggg….


  1. When you finally decide that impatience is not taking you anywhere and you still want to work on this, you become much calm, centred and clear in your focus.
  2. You begin to think more about how are you going to be useful to others through your blog and that is a major key factor for success in blogging.
  3. Your articles start getting more refined because now you will put more time researching.
  4. And of course, anxiety pangs become less frequent, because you have realised that things like “one of your posts not trending” are normal.

B. You are required to Prioritise everything.

Blogging is such a vast area that mapping it can take months and even more. There are so many things to do, and then there is your life. Result? Sometimes it becomes too muddled up, and you end up burning out. Creating pages, designing, planning, maintenance, social media planning, images and on and on.

Sometimes it felt like I am standing in the path of an avalanche.

If you don’t want to be drowned Out of the blogging game, Prioritise everything you can think of. The list will include things to do for your blog and things to do other than the blog. Things like walking, running errands, school/ office work, etc.

Revise your priority list periodically. It can be weekly (tried), Monthly (tried too) or even quarterly (working right now as I write this down).


  1. When you start with the prioritising, you will be required to list down every topic and action point required. This helps in sizing the amount of time that may be necessary. You wouldn’t want to get up to leave for someplace in the middle of deep concentration.
  2. As soon as you start making your priority list, the confusion related to the “What to do next” starts diminishing because you now have a ready list for your reference.
  3. This also helps in increasing your efficiency of every working hour. All you have to do is to check out the next actionable item.

Every serious blogger has learned these 5 lessons. Learn why you need to be careful of these problems. Serious enough to clip your blooming business in it's bud form.

C. Research and Experimentation are the least requirements

of finding your niche.

When you start thinking and reading about blogging; every guide, every course, every related article suggests finalising a topic or a niche you want to blog on. They ask you to write on a subject you are passionate about.

The blogging world is divided into two groups.

  1. Those who know their niche from the get-go.
  2. And then those who, like me, struggle to zero down on a topic, a niche.

What these guides forget is that not everybody has a passion that can convert into a blogging biz. And then some people just haven’t discovered a passion .. YET.

And if you take up any topic based on the other people’s blogs or maybe dazzled by the money they are making or fame they are getting, 99% it will go down a failure. Either because you will run out of ideas, or you will not be able to go deep into the articles you are writing.


  1. When you take out time to dive deep before finalising your niche, it is going to be a sure success compared to a topic decided on the whim.
  2. The Researching and experimenting method requires reading a lot of articles and blog posts on the niche you are considering.This will help you gain a better understanding of topics, influencers in that niche, and even the services/products you can offer in your niche.
  3. This is the best place and time to start your list of blog topics you would want to write about.

D. It is hard, Very Hard to Remain on one path.

From the get go, I had decided to go for only digital products as offerings from a blog, both free and paid.

And then the next shiny thing came across and off I was after creating and self-publishing a book with my blog gathering dust. This is a very typical scenario found during the discussions with other bloggers.

Blogging and everything related to Digital Marketing has so many opportunities that it becomes a distraction and sometimes even reason of your blog’s demise.

Every new thing you come across has experts telling you how IT IS the Best method to earn and become famous or become “Overnight Success.”


The main benefit you get by consciously keeping yourself in check is that you learn to recognise the pattern of such traps. And the earlier you catch yourself, the less recuperating you will have to go through.

One small tip here is that it pays to have your goals clear and written down from the start. While researching for a topic, you will more or less start getting an idea of what is it that you want to offer for monetary gain. If you have, then jot it in your blog plan. If not, then the only best method is to experiment. BUT only after your basic blog setup is complete. Don’t be in a rush to earn money.

E. It’s Ok, No, It is necessary to Take a Break.

If you are from blogging domain or any creative field, then you may have experienced a downtime. Sometimes called as “Overwhelm” or “Bloggers Block” or ” Writers Block.” I have heard of people never being able to recover from such an incident. Fortunately, I was able to, But it took a heavy toll of 4-5 months of highly unproductive and lethargic days. It was scary. Almost to the point of quitting.

Why does this happen?

Because people refuse to take a break. They believe ( as I used to ) that if they took a break, they would lose interest and momentum. And will never be able to get back to work on their blog again. While it is true that it does take a bit of effort to get back into the groove of things as they were before your break. But it is still way better than a breakdown due to mental/ physical exhaustion.


  1. The break time will help you freshen up your point of view. The subconscious mind is much better at solving problems. And your subconscious mind starts working on a problem when You stop working on it.
  2. A small break will also help you avoid stress and blogging overwhelm.
  3. It is not necessary that you go on a 5-6 days holiday. Even a single day off between weeks will help you regain your energy levels. And with new energy, working on ideas can produce fabulous results.       (Psst. The current design of this blog was thought of on one such short break.)    

One last warning. These are not going to be the only problems you face as a Professional or a Serious Newbie Blogger. But these are the most common ones almost every one faces during the early years.

How do I know?

Simple, I asked the question and people answered. And this was not the only answer they gave. I got many more issues, and Brilliant solutions to them. Oh and I am going to reveal Keys to unlock these issues for Your benefits on this blog in coming months.

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Till Next Time


  1. Great tips! I really feel like I could definitely benefit from all of them. Im still working on finding my niche and how to prioritize as well. Hopefully they will come as I write and post more.

  2. These are all great suggestions for new bloggers. Patience and Passion I think would be the two most important things. Thanks for sharing

  3. These are very true great tips. You definitely need patience to be a blogger. Great post!

  4. These are some very good tips! I remember my first days of blogging, when I would go into analytics and wonder why the numbers are so low. With patience though, as I kept going ,the numbers kept growing as well. So it’s very important to have patience.

  5. I never imagined how much work it would entail when I first started my blog. It was crazy and also exciting at the same time. I definitely think you nailed these lessons.

  6. It does take a while for your blog to flourish and you would have to be patient for that time to come. It takes a lot of hard work too though. These lessons are spot on!

  7. I have been blogging for 3 years and I can relate to all you listed down. My favorite is letter E, break! 🙂 It’s okay and necessary to take a break. 🙂

  8. Very nice read, this is exactly how I felt the first time I started blogging 🙂 I am saving this post as an inspiration every time I want to quit I will read it.

  9. Perfect! You gave a perfect list. I agree that you need to have patience. It takes lots of time, effort and love to grow in blogging.

  10. When I started blogging I had no idea how much effort it would be, especially the time it would take to market my work. There are times I feel overwhelmed by the volume of tasks there are to do. When that happens, I know it’s time to step away and take a break from it all

    • Hi Ali,

      That was one thing I learned the hard way. I started and had to take long breaks to cope with the burnt.
      But if you can read the signs and step away before the overwhelm sets in , the bounce back usually gives a huge boost in productivity and thinking.

  11. I work all the time around looking after the family. Blogging is very hard work but it can also be extremely enjoyable and it has its perks.

  12. Patience and knowing when to step back are definitely the hardest parts. We love live in a world where if we dont get something now, were failures, and if we have to step away, it means we’re failures. No it doesn’t. Things still take time, just like they did before the age of cellphones.

  13. Such great advice! I am struggling at the moment with being so over whelmed with the work load and, with four children, not enough hours in the day. Prioritise is my word of the week!

  14. Your right, I work crazy hours plus blogging and sometimes I find it so difficult to be able to be productive because I am so burnt out! x

  15. Freya Farrington

    They are all fair points, and patience is definitely key, no one can grow a successful new blog day one! Hard work however will pay off!

    • Hi Freya,
      I come across at least 2-3 people everyday who want to make money from blogging and fast. They believe that it is a get rich fast scheme with little effort.
      That’s what triggered this point

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