4 Motivational Websites: When You Have Dire Need

Don’t feel well? Don’t feel like doing anything? Feel like you want to leave everything and run away? Feel like you are fed up of life?

A worker, a stay at home mum, a teacher, an employee, a student, an unemployed: take any story. You will find yourself nodding your head in acceptance to some or maybe all these questions. You are in dire need of a dosage from Motivational Websites.

I know I do and every now and then. I work at a day job I don’t like, for a company that doesn’t value me, for 50% of my 24 hours. The negatives drain so much energy from me; I barely have any left for me to work on my hustle. I have spent countless hours scouring the web. I have tried and tested around 40+ motivational websites for my need of a few encouraging words.

Though I liked almost all, I found myself going back again and again to these four websites. Each of these has some unique offering. Read the description, try them and you will feel you have finally found what you have been searching for all this time.

Student, Teacher, employee, businessman, struggling or settled, whoever you are, you need motivation from time to time to fuel your passion and life's purpose. Check out these 4 motivational websites to read those few words of life savers.


TheDailyPositive- 4 Motivational Websites you need to follow

Another website following the motivational message in email formula. I love The Daily Positive for two things.

  1. The messages I get in my email. These are not only little one-liners but also a small essay. It takes a bit of time (just a minute or two) but contains powerful messages indeed.

  2. The second reason is the use of Instagram. Subscribe to it and you will be happy to read one liner motivational messages now and then in your Instagram feed.

All the above and the fact that it is by one of my all time favorite blogger/author/entrepreneur/influencer: Dale Patridge. He is the one who inspired me to be on this path, and he continues to do so. A few of the words from his other website and something I now firmly believe in.

If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs’

Check it out and subscribe to “The Daily Positive” emails for that little ray of sunshine when you need it the most.


thingsweforget.blogspot.com4 Motivational Websites you need to follow

Nothing beats hand written notes in this digital age. It takes time and effort but it shows personal touch that we are losing in this digital age. Thingsweforget.blogspot.com bridges that gap through motivational messages. It is a collection of handwritten Post-It notes containing words encouraging you in different ways.

Numbered at 1169 (Posted on 31st May 2016), the posts are not regular. That is my only issue with this website: the regularity. Even so, the notes are adorable, motivational and done for the people by the people.

The best part: these post-it notes are used for equal offline work as online. Almost all posts go with a pic of the note being present in random places. In a library, on a wall, on an electricity pole, on a table and all kinds of random locations. People in Singapore are sure lucky to find these little pep talks on their way to whatever busy place they are going to. Check it out to see a beautiful idea into actual work.


tut.com 4 Motivational Websites you need to follow

When you first land on this website, it looks nothing out of ordinary. Just another nicely made blog. But look at the upper right-hand corner and you will find a button saying “Sign up for the notes.” And the “Real Testimonials” section featuring singer/songwriter “Jason Mraz“. He is the real reason I signed up on this website, Big fan.

So let me describe the effect the website had on me when I signed up for “The Notes”. Ever heard of Sahara dessert?? Imagine yourself in the middle of Sahara desert with no access to water, shade or any other need-quenching amenity in sight for miles. And suddenly a small cloud of water bursts right on your head drenching you with cool water relieving all the troubles.

That’s how powerful are the random little “Notes” you will find in your mailbox upon signing up. Every day I look forward to “A Note from the Universe” popping up in my inbox. Sometimes a miss, sometimes a hit, but the message is so powerful that you will stop for a few seconds to ponder over them and feel good.

To be frank, I am yet to find anything more captivating than these little notes from the universe. But to each one it’s own. Decide for yourself when you read them in your mailbox. But do sign up, you will not regret.


zenpencils 4 Motivational Websites you need to follow

If you liked the hand written notes of ThingsWeForget, you are going to love the hand drawn one-page motivational comic strips of ZenPencils. As of date, 197 single page comic strips for you to read give you one motivational message to ponder. I stumbled on this searching for some good webcomics to read but stayed on for the uniqueness of the motivational messages.
Be warned, though. I have a love-hate kind of relationship with the messages on the website. And this is true for almost all followers of this website. This is pretty clear from the comments (which I take great and unshameful pleasure in reading all). If you read reviews of this site, you would come across the notion that the author/artist behind this websites comic is not aware of the meaning behind the messages.

I still recommend going to this site, although take the words with a pinch of salt and your own understanding.

I hope you will find the words of wisdom and motivation from these sources good enough to come back to my blog for more. I would be happy if you could let me know if you use any other website/resource for your motivational needs.

Till next time: Let Your Thoughts ROAR!!.



  1. When the internet is able to motivate, we can say that the world wide web is eventually useful! I’ll check all the websites and pages you suggested and look for more! Thank you

  2. This is awesome, I never knew those existed! And oh boy I needed them (and still do). Thank you for sharing!

  3. I will have to check out the Daily Positive website. It looks good!

    Ivelisse | CarnationDreams.com

  4. Wonderful list – I didn’t know of any of these websites. May I take the liberty of adding another one to your list. It is the http://www.marieforleo.com/. I was in a real bad place when I found it and the little videos she makes helped me in so many ways, I could hardly describe. I believe you’ll enjoy them too.

  5. These sound like wonderful websites to check out. I do tend to need some motivation on Mondays and on weekends if I have to work.

  6. OK so I definitely need to check these out! The daily positive is such a cute, thoughtful idea 🙂
    lily x

  7. Awesome! Thank you for sharing these sites with us. I will definitely subscribe to them for my daily dose of motivation. I visit Zen Pencils a lot. Lots of great content there. Keep it up!

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