Why Do People Blog? Read The Top 16 Reasons

When you start blogging, a lot of people around you asks the reason you want to blog. My parents did when they came to know about it. Interestingly not everyone has the same reason. And the most politically correct answer you get is “ To help others.”

I asked this question across various Facebook groups. I was not surprised at the answers. Though initial assumption was that a blogging platform needs to be a website that belongs to you. But sites like Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc. are also blogs. They too let you solve the purpose of blogging after all if used in that way.


So here’s what people had to say when asked their reason to blog. Here is a compilation of 16 real reasons why people blog.

1. Blogging as a Journal or Lifestyle Blogging

One of the most popular reasons quoted by Teenagers. It is considered as a way of online diary keeping. Though not everyone gives their name or face to this diary or journal.

I too started blogging with the purpose of having an online Journal I could access from anywhere. Nowadays a more formal term is used: Lifestyle Blogging


2. Blogging for Fame or Popularity

Somehow or other, blogging has been touted as the quickest way to fame, popularity, and money. And loads of it all. The truth is: it’s not easy as it looks. And most of the people who responded with this answer also told that they quit because they started with the search for easy money and fame. Fame is a good reason if you have the drive to work hard and be consistent. Just don’t let it get to your head.


3. Blogging for Networking and Professional Exposure

People blog to connect to people like them from around the world. No longer are you limited to you immediate surroundings to find people that share your thought process? People said networking was one big reason for blogging. It is a place where they can showcase what they think and connect with like-minded people from around the world.


4.Blogging to Promote Business

Blogs can are used for both active promotion or passive promotion of business.

Look at RedBull’s website. Open up Redbull’s web page, and you will find stories upon stories about SPORTS. And what do you drink when you get tired from playing: Of course a Redbull.


5. Blogging for a Social Cause

I remember when in my sixth grade I went around my neighborhood to collect donations for OldAge Home. My potential collection was limited to the distance my feet could carry me. Numerous Not-For-Profit blogs are present that have reached all around the globe making people aware of the problem.


6. Blogging for Journalism

Journalism is no longer limited to TV or newspapers or even professional Journalist. News, sports, technology, and all happenings around the world are being shared by ordinary people. Some do it for love being updated on the news. Some do it voluntarily as a responsible citizen of the country.


7.  Blogging to build an Online Portfolio

You know you have a skill but how do you make other people know that you have that skill. People use blogging as a way to showcase their talents, skills, knowledge, and discoveries. No longer a person goes hungry or unappreciated for the lack of lovers of their talent. Blogs that showcase CV, samples of work, etc. are one of the excellent ways to have an online portfolio.


8. Blogging to pursue their Hobby of Writing

People like to write. The satisfaction of twisting and turning events through words to create something is out of this world. Not everyone has the capacity or the patience to complete a book. Blogging gives an outlet for that craving to write. Blogs on fictional writing, poems, etc. are a great way to pursue this hobby and connect with people with same interest from around the world.


9. Blogging to Earn Money

No brainer this one. Every second blogger you come across will state this reason. Exceptions do exist. I have come across about four bloggers out of more than 200 I know of that do not blog for money. They blog for just the fun of it.


10. Blogging to Establish Authority

Some people start blogging with the intention of opening prospects. These people will have skills that they have practiced for an extended period. Or they have acquired these skills by learning and researching. Now the next step is to become an authoritative figure in the subject matter. These types of blogs are usually technical in nature. Big companies looking for an expert on a subject can give good offers based on blog content alone.


11. Blogging to Satisfy their Creative Side

A job is a necessity and the easiest way of earning bread butter for survival. Not everyone is in a job that they love to do. And further not every job lets them practice their creativity. Playing music, creating art, dance, or any other hobby can be pursued online easily through a blog.


12. Blogging to Learn or Upgrade a Skill

If you don’t know about it, then go search for Pat Flynn. He started blogging a method to keep his exam notes online. He did pass the exam. And so did his notes, as a go-to source for thousands of people from the USA preparing for that same exam.

Blogging is a smart way to learn a skill. Learning by teaching method helps in better retention when you blog what you have learned. I have been learning about Productivity. And I have been following these blogs because like me, they are also learning by doing.


13. Blogging as a Stress Buster

Some people blogs for the sake of blogging. Casual blogging, sharing your thoughts, or even links to your favorite videos or articles help in relaxing.


14. Blogging to Express your Point of View

Love to talk about politics? Or critic movies? Or even happenings around the world. Well, blogging is an option people explore and enjoy when it comes to expressing a point of view. It’s fascinating to read about the different point of opinion people sometimes show on their lifestyle blogs too.


15. Because it’s their Job Responsibility

So A company wants to start a blog to promote its business. Not every company can afford to have a dedicated resource for blogging. So the next best thing is to ask employees to contribute.


16. Blogging as a way to Cope with their Loss/Disease

A  lot of people I have come across started blogging to cope up with their problems. They find that writing about it helps in sorting out the feelings they are going through. Child abuse, cancer, domestic violence, and even depression are the most commonly seen problems people write about. It’s a way for them to help themselves and other people in similar situations.


There you have it. 16 real reasons people quoted for blogging.

Do you blog yet? What is your reason?

Do let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Nicely put! And I agree, these are many good reasons to actually start blogging if you are not already.
    One thing I also like to point out that many of these reasons are actually joint, so even if you are blogging for one or two of these reasons, you’re getting the others along too.

  2. These are all legitimate reason for blogging. I do it because I love to write, it’s my passion and I love blogging about everything that I like. It’s a great way to share your creativeness! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Blogging for me is living my passion each day in the world of internet and write about things that I love!

  4. I blog because I use it as a creative outlet. It’s my space where I define the rules in terms of content and style. It’s a conduit for expressing my thoughts outside my job.

  5. These are definitely some of the reasons out there when it comes to blogging. I never would have thought of it as a stress buster. But maybe that’s because I don’t do it to bust my stress. Who knows?

  6. I started the blog as a motivational service for my team at one of my jobs. I was the training manager and the blog provided resources and encouragement to the staff. Over the years, it evolved. like yours, into a lifestyle blog that provided a creative outlet as well as earnings and more…. So we can incorporate several of the reasons above for why we blog. Why do you blog? It’s a great question.

  7. Godd article this 🙂 It is facitinating to hear why others blog. Part of the reason we Vlog is so that we have a record of the kids as they grow up. I’m sure there will be plenty of embarassing footage we can use at weddings!!

  8. It’s always interesting to hear why people blog. I blog to raise awareness of baby loss, something that is close to my heart. I also blog to create a record of our lives together for the children in the future.

  9. Interesting post! Nice to see the different reasons for blogging all laid out. I use blogging as a creative outlet and to hopefully inspire others through my sartorial musings.

  10. It is interesting to note that the majority of people that quit blogging do it because they are searching for fame and like you said it is not a quick fix scenario. I started blogging because I wanted to create an online journal, now it has evolved into so much more x

  11. Interesting read, I’m new to blogging and initially I started a way to update friends and family and other people building homes to see what the process is really like but I am now planning to do a bit of lifestyle blogging, again as a way of keeeping friends and family updated on my life as a live in a different country to most of them.

  12. Great post. There were so many reasons for blogging that I hadn’t really thought about. For me, it give me a creative outlet and also because I’d like my family to know me a bit better. The things in my life, what I think about, etc

  13. Very interesting to read all the various reasons people write and start a blog. For me it started out as a way to share my passions and creative outlet. Now I am becoming a little more serious about it and want to monetise it. so I think that peoples reasons change after time as to the reasons they started and the reasons they want to keep going, Good post!

  14. I think people blog for lots of different reasons. But lately I see a lot of people thinking it’s a get rich quick scheme. That’s just not the case – lots of hard work goes into it.

  15. It’s definitely a mix of 9 and 11 for me but man it is a lot of work. Great list for sure though

  16. Great reasons and ideas. I think my blog would have a few of these ideas. 🙂

  17. I blog to digitize my experiences. I had been writing all along but in notebooks. Blog is a better way to read your content when you feel like.

  18. Interesting thought . I’m doing my blog is just to spend my free time also to satisfy my creativity . Of course my blog is all about my job .

    Thanks for sharing

  19. Interesting all of the different ways why people may blog! I fit into a few of those, I like my blog because it lets me express myself creatively and I have used it to land jobs. Of course the goal is to turn it into a full time business but for now it’s growing it and connecting with my audience until that time comes. =)

    • Hi Katie,
      Yep I agree that one can fit in multiple categories and there is not just one goal. I love the fact that your clear about your goal. Most bloggers (including me at some time) are more focused on just the earning part and do not consider growing audience as a goal.
      Glad to connect

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