How To Get Free Opt-In Forms: Rapidology Review

ThoughtOSaur in the Lab doing experiments to find out results.

To make your blog look more professional and user-friendly, a lot of small services can be used. Blog Plugins are by no means cheap. And for a new blogger, shelling out money seems a little confusing in the beginning. One such service you need is subscription box or an Opt-in box. It can help entice and interest your reader in sharing their email address with you.

I found two free options in the market that are awesome for being free and highly customizable.

  1. MailMunch
  2. Rapidology

You can check out the MailMunch review here. Also, all the opt-in boxes used on this website (pop up, top bar, side widget) are by MailMunch.

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How To Get Free Opt-In Forms: MailMunch Review

ThoughtOSaur in the Lab doing experiments to find out results.

One of the most important aspects of blogging is collecting emails from readers. Especially if you are planning to make money from your blog. This is one of the first bits of advice you get when you are setting up your blog or website.

Collecting emails is a 3 step process: Offering an incentive, a Call to Action using a subscription form and an Email collecting service. There are costs of time and money involved in each step.

This post’s purpose is to review a product: MailMunch. is a freemium service which can ease the monetary cost involved in step 2. Let’s take a detailed view and discuss Pros and cons of this service.

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5 Important Lessons For Serious Newbie Bloggers

Thoughtosaur as a teacher pointing towards BlackBoard stating the Title 5 important lessons for serious newbie bloggers

You have just started your blogging journey. Or You are half a year into your blogging venture. Or Have been blogging on and off.

After talking to several such bloggers and my experience, I have found many flavours of this dish. Some bitter ones are frequent burnouts, irritation, self-doubt/pity/loathe. Bitter to the point of almost quitting. Some even quit because of the stress.

What’s the solution? How to cope with these? Or are these going to end the blogging life?

Nope. Not at all. Not if you pay heed to these

5 Important Lessons For Serious Newbie Bloggers

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5 (+15) Websites To Help You Boost Your Productivity

Thoughtosaur leaning on laptop with a magnifying glass searching for productivity resources

Have you ever wished that you had juuuuust a little bit more time in the day.

And that you are bored hearing that successful-people-have-the-same-hours-in-day that you have but still achieve wayyy more.

So what do you do next?

You turn on the internet and type in “How to Improve Productivity ?“. And Google fills up pages and pages of websites on this topic.

Oh no!! Now you will have to skim so many websites only to lose interest in confusion and start a YouTube video on cats. (come on, who doesn’t love to watch cat videos? )

Have no Fear, ThoughtOSaur is Here, to the rescue….

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